England: Jack Sunderland – Welcome to United x Bicycle Union

We’d like to welcome United’s newest bowl shredder, Jack Sunderland, if he’s not at work fixing bikes or in his nest playing guitar you can be sure Jack’s out riding! Jack shreds just about anything and you can tell by the way he rides he loves it, and so do we. Welcome to the team! … Continue reading Jack Sunderland – Welcome to United x Bicycle Union

England: Marius Dietsche – Raw & Uncut

  How sick was Marius’ official welcome to United Edit? If you haven’t seen it already then do yourself a favour and follow this link https://youtu.be/nBc7L9h3DuU   We have the raw and uncut version for your viewing pleasure. With some gnarly slams and a good insight into what goes on into the creation of such … Continue reading Marius Dietsche – Raw & Uncut

England: Harry Mills Wakley HMW Bar Video

Harry Mills Wakley has been a staple name here at United and has been killing it for as long as we can remember. Harry is well known for being a heavy hitter, so he needed a set of bars up front that he could trust. Butted 4130 tubing and 100% Post Weld Heat Treated, these … Continue reading Harry Mills Wakley HMW Bar Video

England: Marius Dietsche – Welcome To United

We are beyond stoked to welcome Marius Dietsche to the United team. Marius is a heavy hitter when it comes to riding the streets and his welcome edit shows just that. With an appetite for big gap pegs and huge out ledges it’s clear to see Marius isn’t afraid to let loose! Keep your eyes … Continue reading Marius Dietsche – Welcome To United


You may have seen a recent update on the return of the Caveman frame? There will be more information coming this week. For the meantime the guys over at Ride on have taken the time to get into conversation with the one and only Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla and roll back to Mike’s game changing “DIRTY … Continue reading I SEE A RED DOOR AND I WANT TO PAINT IT BLACK…

England: Harry Mills-Wakley – United 2020

Harry Mills Wakley has certainly been a man on a mission as of late. Emerson and Harry had started to work on this project at the beginning of the year and as we all know the onslaught of covid put the world to a bit of a stand still. With lockdown in place and Emerson … Continue reading Harry Mills-Wakley – United 2020

England: Mini track pump promo

Take a quick look at our mini track pump as Harry Mills Wakley takes you on a quick session to some DIY set up in Bristol. Lucky for Harry he packed his pump as the inevitable happens whilst out riding the crust! The cruise doesn’t finish there, with the ability to switch between Schrader and … Continue reading Mini track pump promo


Miki Fleck approaches his riding with a full speed approach. With lockdown in place Miki showed no signs of slowing down. Barcelona had been hit with strict lockdown rules and were only allocated certain times to venture out so Miki made the most of the limited freedom. Full speed ahead!! Source: MIKIE FLECK – … Continue reading MIKIE FLECK – RIDE FAST HAVE FUN VIDEO