England: Ride On Talks to Ian Morris PART 1

Ride On sits down with our very own Ian Morris. Check out part one describing Ian’s start on his Raleigh Burner in Wales, the early years, DIG coverage, California, riding for S&M, magazine covers, rails and more.   Keep an eye out for PT.2 coming soon!   Ride On Talks to Ian Morris PART 1 from Neil Waddington … Continue reading Ride On Talks to Ian Morris PART 1

England: 11 Reasons Why Riding BMX Will Make You a Better Person

The homie from the other side of the world Tyson Jones-Peni has written up a cool little 11 reasons why feature on BackBone! Hit the link and have a read. Some very valid and interesting points made here. 11 Reasons Why Source: 11 Reasons Why Riding BMX Will Make You a Better Person FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestTumblremail

England: Ben Gordon – Welcome Edit

Some of you may recognise this name float about a bit recently. Featured in our No Foreign Lands PT.2 Ben is not afraid to send himself down the streets!  Ben was added to the team end of last year and spent some time putting together his welcome edit. Source: Ben Gordon – Welcome Edit FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestTumblremail

England: Fernando Laczko – Incarnate build!

Fernando was in town and dropped in to HQ for a catch up before taking an evening dip and letting the hands fly. Scroll down and have a closer look at what Fernando is riding!  The new Incarnate is certainly making waves!     Source: Fernando Laczko – Incarnate build! FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestTumblremail

England: Freddie Househam and the "Knightsbridge"

Freddie Househam is a UK name that goes slightly under the radar, this may be because he’s in the woods most of the time! We had Peter Adam come over for two days and film some laps with Freddie at Leatherhead and his local trails Epsom. Freddie helped with the design of this one with our … Continue reading Freddie Househam and the "Knightsbridge"