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History of InterBMX.com:
Originally started as a college project back in 2005 by Dustin Grice, InterBMX.com quickly became the hot spot online for riders… Back in the MySpace days and before Facebook exploded. The idea was simple, a place for your local riding scene.

The Idea: Originally MNBMX.com?
The idea evolved from another project from Dustin Grice even before InterBMX.com, which was MNBMX.com, a website for Dustin’s local home riding scene in Minnesota. As the site took off, and as Dustin was learning more than ever about web programming while in college, Dustin decided it was time for a new website to push his skills as a web developer. This is what turned into the start of InterBMX.com.

interbmxThe Growth:
InterBMX.com grew locally within Minnesota and started to grow. The surrounding states soon had profiles of riders and news, even other countries outside of the United States were starting to create profiles. InterBMX.com started to spread like wild fire. Amassing over 10,000 unique profile of BMX riders across more than 100 countries around the world. At one point the United Kingdom was dominating the entire world in profiles. Articles were being written in Transworld’s Ride BMX Magazine, BMX Plus!, Ride UK, and DIG BMX Magazine. There were even advertisements and stickers that came in the latest issues of Props BMX Video Magazine DVD Issues.

Dustin continued to work on the website, adding new features such as an area to sell bike parts, you could even build your own bike and rate each individual part on your bike which led to thousands of genuine ratings and comments about every bike part on the market. The website was generating millions of page views every single month and more new BMX websites also started growing such as The Come Up BMX and Vital BMX.

Giving Back: Donation to Jimmy Levan
Back in 2008 InterBMX.com donated over $1,000.00 to the Jimmy Le Van recovery fund. For an entire month, the website donated $1 for every new account created. We also worked with a small number of companies to help match our donation, including UGP. Here are a few words directly from Jimmy, “I got your check today and it just so happens to be my birthday in a couple hours so it was like an amazing present!!!!”

The Change: Facebook Takes Over
Over the years the site slowly began to decrease in traffic as Facebook started to take over the world, however as the same time the website needed so much ongoing technical maintenance to keep up with technology. Eventually Dustin put the project to rest as he continued with newer projects such as opening his own indoor bike park for their local riding scene called The Factory, a video series starring the youngest talent in BMX called Lil Pros Tour, and also building an apps including one specifically for riders to build their own parks called Dream Park Builder.


dustin-grice-simple-session-sm1The Rebirth: What If?
Fast forward to 2015. The sport of BMX is at an all time low, yet still more fun than ever to go out and ride with friends. After living in California and traveling to professional BMX events & contests all over the world, Dustin has made his was back home to Minnesota. This entire time Dustin has been involved with web development for clients such as Deco BMX, Total BMX, BMX Trickstars, and BMX Freestyle Team, and has been learning more than ever about the world of web technology.

What if our local riding scene still had a website to check for local BMX updates?

Every so often Dustin would come across an old InterBMX.com sticker… He’d also see an old video commercial in an issue of Props. It’d remind him of the soft spot in his heart for one of his first ever BMX projects. It has never left the back of his mind, always thinking “What if the site were still around? What if our local riding scene still had a website like that to check for local BMX updates?” And that is part of the problem today, there is no place online dedicated to their local riding scene back home. Sure there are Facebook groups, but that’s not the same…

The Mission: 2016
After a handful of comments on Facebook about the old MNBMX.com, InterBMX.com, and a website again for their local riding scene, Dustin is now on a mission to develop a brand new 2016 version of InterBMX.com for all local riding scenes again. Something that works for everyone, mobile friendly, and very simple.


Your Help: 
Minnesota is going to be the first scene to fire things up again, which scene is going to be next? If you are interested in becoming a rep for your scene, please fill out the form on the Become a rep for your scene page.


Thank you for your time and support over the years.

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