TA Space Bros, hats n hip packs, caps

If you want to hear how I got my first sponsor, How I came up with the katrina trick, How I got on Red Bull, How I became obsessed with the business side of BMX, How I made BMX my living, How and why I am involved in Real Estate,  and so much more! Please … Continue reading TA Space Bros, hats n hip packs, caps

Bird, V3, Space Bros, LOVE

The bird. Middle finger. Tall finger. 3rd digit. Flipping the bird. One of two in the pink. Most feel its offensive gesture. Made popular by punk and rappers. Many  forms, some half ass and some bold. From a girl I saw today in my review mirror was sideways. My reaction was to boil a bit … Continue reading Bird, V3, Space Bros, LOVE

AM BARS, Barcelona, Gulf Coaster

Fill up this week. Just straight talk. No stories or point of views. Enjoy your friends and relatives. Ride bikes. Take pics and shoot videos. Sit back and enjoy what is around you. -Chad D Ryan Torrance stomped this one…damn good sequence. Taylor Bonds in Barcelona killing it and loving Fiji worldwide. tsutomukitayama HITCH HIKER!!! ? … Continue reading AM BARS, Barcelona, Gulf Coaster

FREESHIPPING, B’s trip, toss

Who wants to be a deco? you? n you? sorry…that is not really a question just testing that you are reading this and know what is up. Words freak people out man. Scroll down and see some vids n cool shit from the last two weeks and enjoy. Got you…giving you the good shit. -Chad … Continue reading FREESHIPPING, B’s trip, toss

V3 frames, School, cheese

1st day of school tradition going to the beach. Kinda parents holiday. Started this last year and why not keep the tradition going. Had time to read, check my phone, and shop on cruise control so why not. Reflecting on this last two weeks and summer and it was one hell of a good one. … Continue reading V3 frames, School, cheese

Dome piece, Wisconsin, Fise, TA seat

Who’s counting the weeks…its summer. Maybe you maybe me. Lets be true…its not you. Unless you waiting on new Deco goods to arrive. Soft goods in stock and more tees real soon. Pizza is the food of summer and why not. Eat it, ride it all, and be happy. Recap of the contests or jams … Continue reading Dome piece, Wisconsin, Fise, TA seat

Stories, InstaVids, BLOOD, 8

Was on a run this morning and heard a biker coming up quick behind me. As she passed she was trying to sing. Was horrible and raspy and not particularly attractive. But her look of enjoyment swerving around the bike path singing was pretty beautiful. She was in a zone and this is how people … Continue reading Stories, InstaVids, BLOOD, 8


Hyped to drop this dope full length from Jona Jahchan, who put in work behind the lens and computer to put the Florida scene on… ?”We started this project to showcase some of Florida’s street spots as well as some of the up and coming riders from the area. There is this stigma that ‘Florida … Continue reading IT’LL BUFF, REAL LEATHER BELTS, SIETSE, VW

FuForks, France, n Vids

This week no story or rant. Just some FuForks care of Matt Coplon. France 5th with Lee. And some InstaVids for this week…medley for sure. #decobmx @decobmx and Tag us so we can see what is good in your hood. Holla n stay nice…all weekend. -Chad D “Back in 2009, Deco came out with the … Continue reading FuForks, France, n Vids