Florida: Jackpot, Russia, two weeks, BMX

Jackpot, Russia, two weeks, BMX August 26th, 2016 Two weeks catching up. My bad for this. Below is some real good goods. Ok you. Read up, click on links, follow the crew, and enjoy yet another amazing post for the week or weeks. -Chad D @matt_coplon┬ápocketing the infamous Babe Ruth walls in Baltimore. ÔÇťAnother mandatory … Continue reading Jackpot, Russia, two weeks, BMX

California: Hyper BMX Team at West

The majority of the Hyper BMX team – Ryan Williams, Ryan Guettler, James Foster, Jake Leiva, Shane Goldsmid, and Jeremy Malott – recently met up here at Woodward West and destroyed for a week. Also lucky camper Zach Moody received a signature Hyper frame given to him by the entire Hyper Team. Watch … Continue reading Hyper BMX Team at West

Florida: One Week in Russia CHAD DEGROOT

One Week in Russia youtube 25min video, my story, tons of pics with captions, and instaVids so scroll down and enjoy. One Week in Russia Delta flights on August 15-22nd traveling Orlando-Amsterdam-Moscow-NYC-Orlando 12,080 miles in the air. Let me say the flights over we have preferred seats but the return was all business … Continue reading One Week in Russia CHAD DEGROOT

New York: We Build Custom Bikes!

Looking for a custom frame Made in the USA? FBM has you covered whether you are looking for an existing model or a custom frame built to your exact needs or wildest dreams. For over a decade, FBM has been building bicycle frames and components in upstate New York. Through hands on experience in design, … Continue reading We Build Custom Bikes!

California: Adam LZ GoPro Tour of Camp

Our YouTube friend Adam LZ paid us a visit to camp for Week 10 and week 11. While he was here he created several videos of his visit, the antics and the fun that he and Nicole experienced while here at camp. Take a look at this GoPro Tour of camp he created … Continue reading Adam LZ GoPro Tour of Camp