Florida: NINE, sneeze please, Cold, DecoBMX

Driving and eating a Lara Bar. Mouth is full and I feel the sneeze coming on. Sure as shit you have been in a similar situation where you have to choose to spit it out the window or chewing furiously and swallow. Well now I have done all three…last one I did not mention is … Continue reading NINE, sneeze please, Cold, DecoBMX

California: BMX/MTB Dirt Jump Race

Woodward West created a super fun new event during 2016, every Wednesday afternoon, we have a time trial race through the tabletop line at the dirt jumps! Everyone loves cranking through the line and trying to improve their times! Filmed and edited by Juani Zurita REGISTER EARLY TO SAVE $100 Source: BMX/MTB Dirt Jump … Continue reading BMX/MTB Dirt Jump Race

New York: Respect!

Building smiles, sharing ideas, and providing a valuable service for bike riders! If you are interested in a current production frame that doesn’t come with removable mounts or other features we offer, often times it IS available for pre order, have your local shop hit us up. Making it happen, one bike at a time… … Continue reading Respect!