Queensland: Landscapes 3 Flatland trailer

Our friend Stu Munro has a new flatland dvd coming out in the coming months and both Simon and Kio have footage in the video. Check the trailer below and keep an eye out for the full length. The post Landscapes 3 Flatland trailer appeared first on Colony BMX. Source: Landscapes 3 Flatland trailer … Continue reading Landscapes 3 Flatland trailer

New York: FBM- Build your Onn Fun!

Last weekend at FBM Headquarters, we had an open house a DIY jam, ramps, rails, all kinds of sketchiness… Seen on OUR BMX, photos of a bunch of BMX kooks in Ithaca NY shot by Tom Beckman! Check out more photos from FBM and the Street ride in Syracuse here…. fbm open house/ diy worlds … Continue reading FBM- Build your Onn Fun!

New York: Fire, Beer, Mousetraps…

Originally Spotted on the Least Most– An FBM tour with a crazy cast of characters, including Fisty Ceny, Cam Wood, Aaron Ross, Derrick Girard and Kelly Baker who decided to bring mousetraps with him. It was early spring 2006, and the FBM Cew and I were in a rented RV (via Walter Perringer), leaving winter … Continue reading Fire, Beer, Mousetraps…

Florida: Matt Coplon – Year 42 – DIG BMX

Ever thought about filming a section once a year after you turn 40? Matt Coplon, longtime TM/ rider/ wearer of many hats at Profile​,​ celebrated moving up to Level 4.2 by putting together another collection of clips captured over the last year or so (this is his third such edit since he hit level 4).… … Continue reading Matt Coplon – Year 42 – DIG BMX