Cloud 9 Update: 7' Resi Quarter

Cloud9 QuarterResi 21 of 11

At the end of every week we pass out a small questionaire to each of our campers that covers things like what food did you like, who was your favorite staff member and what would you like to see added next year?   Well, you requested it and we delivered!  A resi quarter was listed on a bunch of those camper evals and we found the perfect place to build.  Check out the new Cloud 9!  

A new 7′ quarter lines the back wall, fit with a 12′ wide padded section of resi that allows you to attempt the trick you’ve been dying to learn as many times as you need without taking that hard slam on wood or concrete. 

At first glance Cloud 9’s Box Rhythm may appear to be the same but it’s not. On top of flipping the direction we added over a foot to the second box in length and made it a step up.  Transfer in and out of the rollers against the wall or use the deck as the perfect run up for the new resi quarter.

Check out a gallery of the new setup below.

Source: Cloud 9 Update: 7′ Resi Quarter