New Additions: Cloud 9 Revamp

Cloud9 Web1200

You requested it, so we delivered!  Many of our campers last year requested a need for a resi quarter to be added and we just couldn’t agree more.  We put a lot of thought into the best place to add this feature and decided it would be nice to have it in Cloud 9 with many of the other foam and resi features but were presented with the problem of making the back section flow as well as giving BMXers, skateboarders and scooter riders all enough speed and run up.  After a bit of planning we decided to flip the double box jump and make some changes in the process.  

Our remaining Getaway Weekend guests will be able to get first crack at the new set up starting this weekend.


Check out a few pictures of the new setup below.

Source: New Additions: Cloud 9 Revamp