New English Stoke!

Amongst the 1,057,315 people living within the 1,214 square miles of ocean state singing ‘Rhode Island’s It for Me’- are a few feral bike maniacs ripping on FBM’s and smiling big! Check out these photos of Cody Diggs, The Halafam, Bobby Proctor and friends in Rhode Island getting stoked, courtesy of Vic at Circuit BMX … Continue reading New English Stoke!

Powder Ridge Throw Down!

This weekends fundraiser at Powder Ridge for Road 2 Recovery, hosted by Joe Doherty of BMX in our Blood! It was likely the hottest day of the summer,but riders from all over th eEast Coast gathered at Powder Ridge in Connecticut to raise money, ride bikes, and have a time, I shot some photos of … Continue reading Powder Ridge Throw Down!