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These instagram takeovers are going down so awesome. Check the list of the next ones with each and every Tuesday and Thursday for the next few months. Sprinkle in some featured products videos with riding and its a solid week. Lots of events this weekend so scroll down to see the locations and flyers. Spring has sprung so BMX is in the air. WOW. Huge thanks to Weaver and Coplon for some amazing takeovers that cover so much and tell a lot about who they are and what they do. Alejandro stepped up from Venezuela with a seat promo. And to took my horn the Invictus Games meeting George W. Bush and Prince Harry. Where BMX brings you and who you see and meet…amazes me each and every week. Thanks. -Chad D

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May 24th Thomas Noyer @thomasnoyer

May 26th Scott Obrien @scottobmx May 31st

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@matt_coplon here… Within the next 10 hours, I’ll be overtaking the #decobmx IG, posting a selection of videos and pics narrating this past weekend in the Richmond/DC area.

Thanks to @decobmx for the support.
I hope you Enjoy.
Post #3: through my TM/sales job @profile_racing I thankfully get to travel quite a bit. Over the years I’ve been able to meet/ride with quite a few really dialed folks. This weekend was a case in point, DC, and especially, Richmond, is filled to the brim. @gbyrnest1 happened to be traveling through and I had the honor of joining him on some sessions. I shot this of him at the @fbmbikecompany ‘s lost bowl jam on Saturday. 
Thanks to him for being a genuine dude, and an all around bad ass. True legend and inspiration. It was an honor.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 2.45.58 PM

Post #5: we got into DC really early on Sunday and headed directly into Georgetown. Although I’d been here several times (once, even getting a shitty tattoo in the late 90s), I’d never ridden the city. Thanks to @mikehinkens for the treasure trove of spots. 
Nothing crazy, just a dialed little wallride while tourists looked on in stoke-age: a little change of pace on their historical, political tourist itinerary. 
Pic care of @zacheryrogers

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 7.06.02 PM

This is how my daughter @_.c.g.w._ and myself like to end our day taking our dog spike for a long walk around #lakeeola in downtown Orlando. Awesome view and even better people watching. I want to thank everyone who check out my #decobmx take over. It’s been a fun one. And a very big thank you to @chaddegrootand @decobmx for all the support and everything you do for me. Much appreciated!! And I’m out!! 

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DecoBMX Jackpot frame Promo Thomas Noyer

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Early call time both days and arrived before the sun came up at Disneys wide world of sports. Doing some demos for @invictusorlando started by Prince Harry…who walked by our demo today. While watching weight lifting awards @georgewbush walked by me so I tapped his chest and got a handshake and he said “good to see you” in his classic voice. Track and field was unreal and sitting volleyball as most participants do not have legs. We did not have a strict schedule with demo times and no MC so we had free reign of general public and athlete areas. Each person has their own story and we heard more than a few. Real wild the cards that are dealt  but these people were treated very well and this helped bring smiles. That was our main goal to entertain and talk with people and show them what a BMX bike can do. One solider wanted us to do a trick around him. So we did hitchhikers around him and he had the biggest smile.  Keep in mind there are over 500 competitors from 14 nations compete for gold. Everyone was a winner and the whole crew was exited to participate in this event and many more to come.  Look up more for our wounded warriors www. to see video follow my snapchat chadisradasadad and huge thanks to @bmxtrickstars for this opportunity also @profile_racing ?#?profileraci ng?@decobmx ?#?decobmx? ?#?bmx ? ?#?flatland? Where bmx brings me on my bike and who I meet and bring smiles to…blows me away. ?#?invictusgames??#?invi ctusgames2016? ?#?morethanthan kyou? Check out my instagram @chaddegroot for more pics and videos from the two days.” -Chad D FullSizeRender IMG_3598 IMG_3579 IMG_3586 IMG_3594 IMG_3544 IMG_3545

DecoBMX Alejandro Flat Seat promo

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Not sure how this was going to work out. Gotta love it when it does. This ended up being a blast. Photo game on point @smokedsignals

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.27.28 AM

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 InstaVids for this week:

Moment of ZEN: Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 5.29.25 PM

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