Weekend At Bernies!

This weekends fun- cookout Friday night Grayhaven Motel and a showing of ‘weekend at Bernie’s’ hosted by ALF, Saturday open house and @digbmx DIY worlds handrail jam, Saturday eve sesh at the Ithaca skatepark, and a Sunday Street Ride in Syracuse starting at noon at the Everson. Check it out. This is a quick reminder … Continue reading Weekend At Bernies!

Saturday June 1st Roll Call!

This is a quick reminder /roll call for next weekend, FBM Open House/ DIY World Championships stop #2 in Ithaca… Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until 5 p.m. will be the Open house, Noon-ish ramp session, 2pm Frame manufacturing Demonstration, and teh handrail jam at 3. From 5 until whenever will be a jam session at … Continue reading Saturday June 1st Roll Call!