The Rotary Sprocket

Our Rotary Sprocket is a classic 3 spoke style sprocket CNC machined from 7075 grade alloy making it nice and strong, using large cut outs to keep the weight down. With sizes from 25t to 33t the Rotary Sprocket is designed for everyone from the streets to the trails, and is now only ÂŁ34.99 making it even … Continue reading The Rotary Sprocket

It’s a Harry Mills-Wednesday

Harry Mills-Wakely has been on a roll the last couple of years, from landing podiums up and down the country throughout the Backyard Jam series and Nass Festival, to filming video projects for his signature parts, so we thought we’d take a little look back at some videos from his 9 years with us here at United Bike … Continue reading It’s a Harry Mills-Wednesday

The Miki Fleck Signature ZUIN Frame

If you don’t know the name Miki Fleck by now then you’ve definitely been living under a rock. Arguably one of the most progressive street riders of today Miki’s energy on and off the bike is unmatched! We knew that Miki deserved his own signature frame and that is how the “ZUIN” was born. Miki knew exactly what … Continue reading The Miki Fleck Signature ZUIN Frame

When it comes to bags, we’ve got your back 🎒

Whether you’re looking for a new backpack for all your riding essentials, or something to keep only the necessities on you, we have a bag for it. Check out our range below and click any of the images to head over to the site for a more detailed look! Source: When it comes to … Continue reading When it comes to bags, we’ve got your back 🎒


Over the last year in between injuries, moving homes, floods, heatwaves and covid restrictions our boy Chad Ferch from Vancouver has been working in conjunction with Timeless Distribution to bring you this video part packed with some perfect spot usage and big tricks, check it out now! Video by Jordan Siudy.   Source: CHAD … Continue reading CHAD FERCH X UNITED


When it comes to the MDLCLS sprocket (abbreviated from Middle Class) it is the perfect meeting of the middle ground, where the trails meet the rails. A sprocket that has the option to add a guard without taking away anything from it’s original design. In it’s unguarded form you have a clean trails inspired sprocket, but once … Continue reading ⚙️ MDLCLS SPROCKETS ⚙️


Our Complete Bike range can be found online and with all of your favourite United Bike Stockists worldwide now, so we thought we’d pick 3 of our favourites from the range and show them to you in a little more detail, scroll down to check out our Motocross, Reborn, and Martinez FC Complete Bikes! – … Continue reading 🚲 MOTOCROSS, REBORN, MARTINEZ FC 🚲


DIG RAW CUT from Miki Fleck’s recent video “LESS BROLL” for your viewing pleasure playing over on DIG BMX now, click the video below to watch it now or click the link to check it over on the DIG BMX website. “Full month of missions and fun with the boys in Barcelona ended up … Continue reading MIKI FLECK "LESS BROLL" RAW CUT

Clément Santos-Silva – BIENVENUE

Over the last few months team rider and French connection (through BMX Avenue) Clément Santos-Silva has been out filming for his latest project “BIENVENUE” and we are proud to finally show you what he’s been up to. From Covid lockdowns, to moving cities, and a broken foot, there wasn’t much that could stop Santos from getting out … Continue reading Clément Santos-Silva – BIENVENUE