BMX The Game Gameplay

Check it out, being a software developer this looks like a real good step in the right direction. Game development isn’t easy and requires a TON of labor. Especially when we have such a small sport in general compared to every other sports that games can be developed for. What are your thoughts on the looks … Continue reading BMX The Game Gameplay

B.A.K. 2015

The B.A.K. guys come through with this little gem. Riders including Darryl Pikal,  Tyler Brownson, Austin Elliott, Tommy Glidden, Terrison Risch, Caleb Lampe. Devante Serrano filmed edited and rode as well. Take a peak at this I’m sure you will be seeing more from these guys in the future. FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestTumblremail Original 2006 Press Release on Transworld Ride BMX

MINNEAPOLIS — Professional BMX rider Dustin Griess from Minneapolis, MN recently launched as a place for individuals with a passion for BMX to join an online community. Members can now go online to create a profile, build their bike online, upload images and art, send messages to others, maintain friends, and much more. When … Continue reading Original 2006 Press Release on Transworld Ride BMX

3rd Lair Skatepark

Minnesota’s LONGEST running indoor skatepark! Not only that, it is one of the longest running indoor parks in the entire world… Great variety of most ramps, heavy on street & skateboarding, a few bike only sessions. Great price, great location. From Yelp: “Excellent indoor/outdoor park. The snaking mini-ramp/bowl is brilliant, and I love the Creature-themed skull bowl.” … Continue reading 3rd Lair Skatepark

Working on Brand New InterBMX Website

It has been nearly 10 years since the legendary college project… Over 10,000 profiles, bike checks, and more before Facebook slowly killed it off. Looking forward to seeing what I can pull off nearly 10 years later. FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestTumblremail