Q&A: Tristan Afre & Zorah Olivia

Photo – Mia Bolton Knowing that our boy Tristan “Gutstains” Afre was tight with photographer Zorah Olivia, I approached him about interviewing her for Defgrip. Pairing a BMX photographer with a skate photographer sounded interesting to me. Luckily they were both down! Click below for the interview and some photos. Tristan – You’ve gotten a … Continue reading Q&A: Tristan Afre & Zorah Olivia


The action packed 2019 X Games RealBMX videos dropped yesterday. 6 videos total. If you haven’t seen them yet, click HERE to watch them all and to cast your vote for fan favorite. Putting together a project like RealBMX for the web and network TV surely involves some hard work and diligence. To learn more … Continue reading Q&A: STEW JOHNSON / RealBMX


Photo – Marcus Glahn DAH SHOP in NYC turned 11 this year. That’s no small feat, especially in Manhattan. I caught up with the OG Tyrone Williams to discuss the shop and all things New York. Click below. DAH SHOP just turned 11. Congrats! How’s the scene in NYC these days? The scene isn’t that bad, … Continue reading Q&A: TYRONE WILLIAMS / DAH SHOP

Taj Mihelich – Bernie The Bike Builder

Taj Mihelich wrote a children’s book. Yes, that Taj Mihelich. If Taj is one of your BMX heros and you now have a child, this book is for you. You should cop even if you don’t have a child. Go HERE for more info and hit OUR BMX for a Q&A with Taj. © Nuno … Continue reading Taj Mihelich – Bernie The Bike Builder


Photo – Jesse Romano We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?! Up next, Germany’s Felix Prangenberg Yesterday – … Continue reading BY THE NUMBERS: FELIX PRANGENBERG


2019 marks 5 years since the FIENDING video dropped. When I first posted the video on here, I did so without even watching it first. Ya just knew it was gonna be solid. It’s always cool to slow things down a bit sometimes and look back, so click below for some FIENDING era photos courtesy … Continue reading PHOTOGALLERY: FIENDING

Q&A: Murphy Moschetta

Photo – Tim Lyons Murphy Moschetta is a photographer out of Pittsburgh, PA. It was his B&W film portraits that initially caught my attention. Click below for a Q&A to learn more about the dude. Cory Nastazio Name, age and location? Murphy Lee Moschetta – 31yrs – Pittsburgh, Pa How long have you been shooting? … Continue reading Q&A: Murphy Moschetta