There’s a certain manuscript in the works that is sure to delight @sandmbmx fans young and old, and we’re on a mission to include any S&M related tattoos you may have forever marred your skin with. The deadline for these images is Aug 11th. Here’s some tips on how to submit your shit:

  • If you’re using a phone, take the photo outside or near a window with daylight (just make sure the light source is the sun). If you’re using an actual camera, daylight, indoor with a flash (as long as the flash is even and exposed well), or even a proper studio photo if you have that option.  
  • Don’t use a fisheye or any lens attachments. 
  • Have the tattoo fill as much of the frame as possible, since phone photos aren’t the highest resolution photos to begin with, we don’t want to crop any more than we absolutely have to.
  • Make sure the camera is focused on the tattoo and not something in front/behind it… hey, it happens.
  • Compose the photo straight on, avoid shooting from any angles.
  • With the tattoo filling as much of the frame as possible, try to keep the background as clean and simple as possible, white is ideal—so try to find a blank wall, tape some white paper up, etc…
  • Email the photo full size to tattoo@sandmbikes.com —don’t text it, because the file size gets compressed.
  • Include your name and where you’re from in the email subject.