Texas: Tom Dugan / Bike Check

Click on over to Dig BMX to get a closer look at Dugan’s (second) most recent bike. The bike in this photo was stolen last week, but we (along with Fit) shipped over an almost identical replacement. If you’ve ever wondered how Dugan can ride so fast and go so high, that manly 30/9 ratio … Continue reading Tom Dugan / Bike Check

New York: Latane Coghill in Florideah

Latane Coghill, Jeff Purdy, Brendan Mulrooney and Paul Horan Recently took a trip to FL, where Paul had a bad wreck and broke his femur, shit his pants and passed out on the beach. There is a cool series of Film photos on BMX Union! Check it out, cool shit. Get Well soon Paul! All … Continue reading Latane Coghill in Florideah

New York: Steve Crandall Big Time Jabroni

Thanks to catfish and Adam 22 at The Come UP for interviewing Magilla and I for their podcast! Stoked to share some of our ideas with their audience… Check out out! Check out FBM on Instagram here…. I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM (Full Movie) from Joe Stakun on … Continue reading Steve Crandall Big Time Jabroni

Minnesota: Running a BMX Contest | Behind The Scenes at The Factory Minnesota’s 24 Hour Bike Park

One of the most exciting parts about riding BMX are the times when there is an upcoming contest… But what happens behind the scenes? Especially at your local skatepark… Where does all the product come from? How do you register for a contest? How do they judge? Join our event host Kenny Short and Dustin … Continue reading Running a BMX Contest | Behind The Scenes at The Factory Minnesota’s 24 Hour Bike Park

California: Chad Kerley Frame Giveaway

Every week at Woodward West we bring out your favorite pros and often those pros bring out prizes for YOU to win. Chad Kerley brought a Premium frame for campers to win. Campers competed in the weekly “Death Race” to win the frame. Check it out to see who won! Filmed and Edited: … Continue reading Chad Kerley Frame Giveaway

Pennsylvania: New Additions: Cloud 9 Revamp

You requested it, so we delivered!  Many of our campers last year requested a need for a resi quarter to be added and we just couldn’t agree more.  We put a lot of thought into the best place to add this feature and decided it would be nice to have it in Cloud 9 with … Continue reading New Additions: Cloud 9 Revamp