Florida: Mannie Challenge, Tim Knoll, NEW PRODUCTS

My brother sleep walks and takes his toilet seats off  while asleep. This is pretty funny till the morning comes along and you have to dump…either make a huge nest on the porcelain or sit on your hands. Which one would you do do? Check this week out. Damn I am proud of this week…holla. … Continue reading Mannie Challenge, Tim Knoll, NEW PRODUCTS

England: Daniel Sandiel destroys Pala

BLOG POST INSTAGRAM @TOTALBMX Daniel Sandiel destroys Pala Daniel Sandoval our US Pro rider and current Xgames Gold medalist throws down some great lines for Vital BMX before a big crash ended his session. Daniel Sandoval Shreds Pala Skatepark – More BMX Videos Source: Daniel Sandiel destroys Pala FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestTumblremail

Pennsylvania: Cloud 9 Update: 7' Resi Quarter

At the end of every week we pass out a small questionaire to each of our campers that covers things like what food did you like, who was your favorite staff member and what would you like to see added next year?   Well, you requested it and we delivered!  A resi quarter was listed on … Continue reading Cloud 9 Update: 7' Resi Quarter