Aaron Ross / Wallpaper Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again, so that means you guys are getting a fresh new wallpaper to download. Here’s Aaron Ross throwing a hefty hop bar into a sketchy bank. Photo by Walter Pieringer. Watch this clip and more in his Odyssey 30•15 section! Source: Aaron Ross / Wallpaper Wednesday FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestTumblremail

Brandon Webster / Bike Check

You can’t go wrong with an all black bike that’s built up with solid parts. That vintage military seat adds a nice accent to the whole package, too. Click around to learn more about Brandon’s current bike! FRAME: MacNeil Default, 20.75″ FORKS: Odyssey R25 BARS: Odyssey Sweepstakes, 9″ STEM: Odyssey Raft GRIPS: Odyssey Pursuit HEADSET: … Continue reading Brandon Webster / Bike Check

Tom Dugan / Bike Check

Click on over to Dig BMX to get a closer look at Dugan’s (second) most recent bike. The bike in this photo was stolen last week, but we (along with Fit) shipped over an almost identical replacement. If you’ve ever wondered how Dugan can ride so fast and go so high, that manly 30/9 ratio … Continue reading Tom Dugan / Bike Check

Gary Young / Wallpaper Wednesday

This curved wallride is huge on its own, but when you throw in those benches, hazard pay shoots through the roof. Here’s Gary making it all the way around on his first go. Photo by Walter Pieringer. Watch this clip and more in his Odyssey 30•15 section! Source: Gary Young / Wallpaper Wednesday … Continue reading Gary Young / Wallpaper Wednesday

Available Now: Air Supply Tubes

Odyssey Air Supply tubes are specifically sized to fit modern BMX tires, and they are manufactured with a stronger emphasis on quality versus simply chasing the lowest possible price. On average, the Air Supply BMX tube retains air significantly longer than others currently available on the market. This is down to both the rubber that … Continue reading Available Now: Air Supply Tubes

Jacob Cable / Bike Check

Click around to learn more about Jacob’s current bike. FRAME: Kink Titan 21″ FORK: Odyssey R32 HANDLEBAR: Kink Wolf STEM: Odyssey TL48 HEADSET: Odyssey Pro, Conical GRIPS: Odyssey Tom Dugan SEAT: Kink SXTN SEATPOST: Kink Stealth CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolts, RHD, 170mm SPROCKET: Odyssey Fang, 28t PEDALS: Odyssey Grandstand PC CHAIN: Odyssey Bluebird TIRES: Odyssey Dugan, … Continue reading Jacob Cable / Bike Check