Texas: ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY / #VoteOdyssey

WHICH TEAM ARE YOU WITH? Our final videos are LIVE and voting starts today! All Odyssey and Sunday team riders visited the Providence, RI house whenever they wanted, all summer long. Odyssey and Sunday each produced a video with all their best footage.You vote for your favorite video, and the team with the most votes … Continue reading ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY / #VoteOdyssey

Florida: TA hubs give away, Mat up to bat, LOOK

Just plane food Tinfoil wrapped everything. I mean all the extra packaging and containers and packaging and wrappings. “Chicken or beef?”. 15 hour flight and dude is still wearing sunglasses. Babies crying. The amount of movement on this plane is not eye candy. More wearing the movements of my Peripheral vision. I’m an aisle seat … Continue reading TA hubs give away, Mat up to bat, LOOK

Florida: YouTube, FlatArk, SALE, Tsutomu, FLBMX

If Your ever in a room of people who don’t know each other i will guarantee everyone will be on a phone and if there are kids they will have a phone, tablet, or iPad. Stare at little glowy things. Makes life go by. START with a trip to Japan. Scroll down for the October … Continue reading YouTube, FlatArk, SALE, Tsutomu, FLBMX