Florida: FREESHIPPING, B’s trip, toss

Who wants to be a deco? you? n you? sorry…that is not really a question just testing that you are reading this and know what is up. Words freak people out man. Scroll down and see some vids n cool shit from the last two weeks and enjoy. Got you…giving you the good shit. -Chad … Continue reading FREESHIPPING, B’s trip, toss

Texas: ATX to GTX Video

Summer’s in full swing in Austin, so we rounded up Odyssey’s Tom Dugan, Matt Nordstrom, and Austin Brunger and Sunday’s Brett Silva and Ben Allen and headed down to Galveston, a poppin’ beach town and tourist destination on Texas’s Gulf Coast for a couple days of street, skateparks, and beaches. Galveston didn’t disappoint, and all … Continue reading ATX to GTX Video

Texas: Gary Young / Video Bike Check

Gary built up a new bike and Sunday gives us the complete bike check. Parts List Frame: Sunday Soundwave v3, Surf Blue Fork: Odyssey R32 Handlebar: Odyssey Boss Stem: Odyssey RAFT Headset: Odyssey Integrated, Low Stack Height Grips: Odyssey Warnin’ Seat: Odyssey Slugger Seatpost: Odyssey Pivotal Seatclamp: Sunday Crank: Odyssey Thunderbolt+, 165mm Bottom Bracket: Odyssey … Continue reading Gary Young / Video Bike Check

Florida: V3 frames, School, cheese

1st day of school tradition going to the beach. Kinda parents holiday. Started this last year and why not keep the tradition going. Had time to read, check my phone, and shop on cruise control so why not. Reflecting on this last two weeks and summer and it was one hell of a good one. … Continue reading V3 frames, School, cheese