While we celebrate the release of the Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read DVD, we must pay tribute to the clips that for whatever reason (audio issues, keeping the run time low, editor was stoned) were left on the cutting room floor. Here’s round one of this mixtape series of Leftover Hot Dogs featuring Hoder, Trevor … Continue reading LEFTOVER HOTDOGS MIXTAPE 1!

Socal: Clint Catchin’ Concrete Curls

Clint managed to mow down 3/4 of the competition at this year’s Vans BMX Pro Cup in Huntington Beach, finishing a respectable 8th out of 40 shredders. He looked good out there… of course that killer S&M/Protec collab helmet (dropping soon) didn’t hurt his cause either. RIDEbmx has a video of all of the finalist’s … Continue reading Clint Catchin’ Concrete Curls

Texas: ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY / VX Edit #2

Odyssey and Sunday are proud to present the latest ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY VX video, masterfully edited by Erik Elstran and filmed by and starring Erik, Mark Burnett, Broc Raiford, Jake Seeley, Chris Childs, Gary Young, Brett Silva, Brandon Webster, Tom Dugan, John Mayo, and Jacob Sanger. Everyone’s already hard at work on the next one, … Continue reading ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY / VX Edit #2

Florida: July instaVids, Mannie, Walk, HOT DAMN

July instaVids, Mannie, Walk, HOT DAMN August 4th, 2017 Since of recent I can’t do one of my harsh but favorite things to do…run. No ranting or raving and another whole story why I run. But I can’t now. Making up for this I started to walk. Walking sucks. Its slow, you know you can … Continue reading July instaVids, Mannie, Walk, HOT DAMN

New York: FBM Open House August 26th

Wanna meet the FBM Crew, and check out some behind the scenes Friendly BMX Madness? Mark your calendars, Saturday August 26th. we will once again open our doors to everyone for an afternoon, of Fun and Bicycle Manufacturing (we will be doing a demonstration on how bike frames are built!) Check out the Video Below! … Continue reading FBM Open House August 26th