Florida: Red Bull, Dreamland, TA new site, BMX

Red Bull, Dreamland, TA new site, BMX January 15th, 2016 In about 40 minutes my house is going to be full. Kids, food, fun, stories…and memories. Go make some. Yum yum its fun. Scroll down and know this week was rad. It really was…and its only Friday. Enjoy your ride and your weekend. Holla. -Chad … Continue reading Red Bull, Dreamland, TA new site, BMX

New York: In Defense of BMX

Disclaimer- This essay was written by Mike Hinkens, Mike is a Husband, a School Teacher, the Brand/Team Manager for Madera, more importantly, Mike is a life long BMXer, and Mike is also a part of FBM. This is HIS opinion…. But Like other FBM Riders, he has his own voice and we encourage that! Some … Continue reading In Defense of BMX

Minnesota: BMX Cub Scout Performance by 10 Year Old Reed & Lil Zander! Minneapolis

  No way! Little 10 year old @reedbley_bmx and his younger brother 7 year old Zander were asked to ride their bikes and do tricks for a Cub Scout Pack in Lakeville! Reed has over 1,000,000 views on YouTube! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 What an incredible story to share with the kids keep up the great work Reed 👊🏼👊🏼 … Continue reading BMX Cub Scout Performance by 10 Year Old Reed & Lil Zander! Minneapolis

New York: Why are bike shops important?

Bike shops support BMX. Whether it’s helping a young rider fix a flat tire, or offer the highest end components, the local bike shop is often times the epicenter for a good scene. I realize that not all communities are lucky enough to have a bike shop that carries and supports BMX, that’s one of … Continue reading Why are bike shops important?

Pennsylvania: Brochures are Online

We are happy to announce that the Gymnastics, Cheer and Action Sports brochures are online and ready for you to view.   We will also have a Digital Media and Parkour specific brochure this year as well which will be coming soon. You can view them all online or request that we send one to your … Continue reading Brochures are Online

Texas: Tom Dugan / Aaron Ross – How We Ball

Tom Dugan / Aaron Ross: How We Ball Posted by Francis on January 13th, 2016 Those guys at Empire don’t play around. Hit play to watch Aaron spin donuts in a Lambo and Tom Dugan spin a 360 over one. Follow @tommy_jett @tommydugan on Instagram Follow @theaaronross @theaaronross on Instagram Categories: Team, Videos … Continue reading Tom Dugan / Aaron Ross – How We Ball

New York: Research and Development

It’s never too late to learn, and to try and improve upon yourself, I am a 41 year old BMXer, and an owner of one of the few remaining independent BMX companies with in house manufacturing, that also employs bike riders. Now considered part of the old guard, as younger generations grab the sport and … Continue reading Research and Development