Say What?!? Sprocket Sale

Trail bosses, consider this your public service announcement… we’re selling 19mm L7 Sprockets for less than it cost us to make them! That’s right… you can cop these sprockets, available in Red, Gold, Black and Blue as well as in in Shield, Rasta, Camo and BTM-wrap for $24.99. That’s more than half off! Source: … Continue reading Say What?!? Sprocket Sale

10 Most Influential S&M Riders?

We’re busy gathering intel for the 30 Year book over here at HQ and one thing that’s become abundantly clear is that everybody’s got a different take on who the most influential team riders have been over the years. What do you think? Poll on our Facebook. Source: 10 Most Influential S&M Riders? FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestTumblremail

You Tired?

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Time to tire up Shield Soldiers! We just got re-upped on rubber, so if you’ve been waiting on the MAINLINE in 20″ or 22″ or after 22″ tubes – we gotchu. ‘Till they sell out again that is… Source: You Tired? FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestTumblremail