Secret Santa Session at Woodward West

Ever wondered why it takes Santa Claus so long to deliver all those presents? It’s because he stops by Woodward West every year and gets a little distracted…check out Santa’s secret session here. Happy holidays from the Woodward family, here’s hoping some lucky campers find trips to camp under their tree! Filmed and … Continue reading Secret Santa Session at Woodward West


There’s been some flatland fever running hot around The Building the past couple weeks. Here’s some INTRIKAT action outta the UK courtesy of James White and we’re in the process of uploading a new one from the Great White North’s Peter Olsen as we speak too. More mad creativity popping off on everyone’s favorite stripped-down, straight-forward flatland … Continue reading FLATtered

Meet the Staff: Director Jake Kinney

Every director at Woodward West wears a lot of hats, Action Sports Director Jake Kinney is no exception. You may find Jake leading stretches for the Mountain Bike campers in the morning, playing foot down with the BMX campers in the afternoon and catching a skate session with the skaters in the evening. … Continue reading Meet the Staff: Director Jake Kinney

Stuff this in your Stocking

Has the S&M-lover in your life been a little naughty this year? Yea, we figured as much. Hook ’em up anyway with an assortment of stocking-sized awesomeness! Half-gloves, socks, coasters, koozies, lighters, flasks, air freshers, buttons… we could go on. Nab ’em now and cross that ish of your list! Source: Stuff this in your … Continue reading Stuff this in your Stocking