Say What?!? Sprocket Sale

Trail bosses, consider this your public service announcement… we’re selling 19mm L7 Sprockets for less than it cost us to make them! That’s right… you can cop these sprockets, available in Red, Gold, Black and Blue as well as in in Shield, Rasta, Camo and BTM-wrap for $24.99. That’s more than half off! Source: … Continue reading Say What?!? Sprocket Sale

The Come Up Week 3

It is always a fun time when you have Come Up crew around. The week is stacked with some fun-filled events supported by their crew. Come Up pros that will possibly make it are Alfredo Mancuso, Stevie Churchill, Brandon Begin, Connor Keating, and Mikey Tyra. Join us for the Come Up Week. Source: The … Continue reading The Come Up Week 3

Thee Block at Camp 1

We could not be any more excited about having the Thee Block staff here at camp week 1. Thee Block works directly with the youth to organize hands on events an encourage and empower a healthy BMX community within the Los Angeles area. Thee Block is bringing the same wisdom to share at camp this … Continue reading Thee Block at Camp 1