Minnesota: 25 Creative Nose Press Variations

Nose presses are one of those tricks where the possibilities are endless… In this video I try 25 different nose presses: varying combos, styles, tricks, and much more. I hope you enjoy, and get out there and get creative with it! Source: 25 Creative Nose Press Variations FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestTumblremail

Texas: Available Now: Vintage Military Canvas Seats

Available Now: Vintage Military Canvas Seats Posted by Nuno on December 17th, 2015 Our new Vintage Military Canvas seats are out now worldwide. This vintage military canvas material was sourced in Los Angeles and repurposed into the new seats you see above and they came out great. Learn more HERE. Ask for them … Continue reading Available Now: Vintage Military Canvas Seats

Minnesota: Bike Night at 3rd Lair

Damn fun session tonight boys… Riders cruisin the bowl, sessioning rails, learning tailwhips, even Trog brought out the old Standard & dropped in during the session. Overall real great vibes as always, thanks again 3rd Lair Skatepark, looking forward to the next session.   FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestTumblremail

California: Secret Santa Session at Woodward West

Ever wondered why it takes Santa Claus so long to deliver all those presents? It’s because he stops by Woodward West every year and gets a little distracted…check out Santa’s secret session here. Happy holidays from the Woodward family, here’s hoping some lucky campers find trips to camp under their tree! Filmed and … Continue reading Secret Santa Session at Woodward West

Socal: FLATtered

There’s been some flatland fever running hot around The Building the past couple weeks. Here’s some INTRIKAT action outta the UK courtesy of James White and we’re in the process of uploading a new one from the Great White North’s Peter Olsen as we speak too. More mad creativity popping off on everyone’s favorite stripped-down, straight-forward flatland … Continue reading FLATtered

Minnesota: Updated Street & Kids Section at The Factory in Minneapolis

New updates just went into The Factory in Minneapolis! Fresh addition to the street & kids section with a second fun box from lil IZ, as well as two more mini quarters on each side of the park with added deck space. Our smallest quarter is now only two feet high, perfect for first timers … Continue reading Updated Street & Kids Section at The Factory in Minneapolis

New York: American Dreaming

The American dream, to build, to create, to exist within a community, where building bicycles is also a metaphor for building friendships, and working together to make the best product we can, is a result of a shared sacrifice, to share our hearts with the world. We don’t just build bike parts, each product, each … Continue reading American Dreaming