Minnesota: Lil Pros Tour at X Games !!

Welcome to Minneapolis… America’s sizzling hotbed of Action Sports, and the brand new home of X Games thru 2020. X Games asked Lil Pros Tour to invite 6 lucky kids to join them on the interactive Sour Punch Course, including 3 local kids from Minnesota (Dallas Light, Reed Bleymeyer, and Isaac Zimmer), 2 kids from … Continue reading Lil Pros Tour at X Games !!

Florida: Stories, InstaVids, BLOOD, 8

Was on a run this morning and heard a biker coming up quick behind me. As she passed she was trying to sing. Was horrible and raspy and not particularly attractive. But her look of enjoyment swerving around the bike path singing was pretty beautiful. She was in a zone and this is how people … Continue reading Stories, InstaVids, BLOOD, 8