England: Justin Care’s Trans Black "REGION"

Justin’s over in the U.K right now and stopped by the warehouse to build up this all new Trans Black United Region before departing on his first United trip to film for the second instalment of “No Foreign Lands”. We managed to take a quick trip out and shoot off a quick few photos of … Continue reading Justin Care’s Trans Black "REGION"

England: Nathan Williams – Still United

Well, here it is folks, the final section from the instant classic that is the ‘Still United’ DVD and it’s none other than ultimate savage, Nathan Williams. Nathan’s ability to take horrible slams like a trooper is unbelievable and his attitude and level of focus to getting the clips he wants is gold. If you’re a security guard getting … Continue reading Nathan Williams – Still United

England: Still United Alex Valentino

DVD cover boy Alex Valentino. Alex’s level of determination for his section was admiring to see – just one example of this is his first clip when he shreds all the skin off his palms. Well, 48 hours later he was 180 barspinning the ‘El Cap’ statue with his hands all bandaged up – now … Continue reading Still United Alex Valentino

England: Still United Team Mix 2

STILL UNITED 2016Filmed and edited by Peter Adam “We’ve got another online premiere of the epic ‘Still United’ DVD – this time it’s just under four minutes of footage from United bossman Ian Morris, along with Jimmy Rushmore, Dan Boiski and Jack Birtles. There’s not many 40+ year old BMX company owners still smashing out … Continue reading Still United Team Mix 2