There’s been some flatland fever running hot around The Building the past couple weeks. Here’s some INTRIKAT action outta the UK courtesy of James White and we’re in the process of uploading a new one from the Great White North’s Peter Olsen as we speak too. More mad creativity popping off on everyone’s favorite stripped-down, straight-forward flatland … Continue reading FLATtered

Stuff this in your Stocking

Has the S&M-lover in your life been a little naughty this year? Yea, we figured as much. Hook ’em up anyway with an assortment of stocking-sized awesomeness! Half-gloves, socks, coasters, koozies, lighters, flasks, air freshers, buttons… we could go on. Nab ’em now and cross that ish of your list! Source: Stuff this in your … Continue reading Stuff this in your Stocking

Rip Dat (Passero) Grip

Craig Passero crafted this little nug to herald the unveiling of his signature grip, and truth be told, it’s just downright delightful. Old skool, cool, urban awesomeness from Craig and his compadres. And that PASSERO GRIP is a’ight too! Soft, dual-patterned and available now in Black, Clear and Glow in the Dark. Source: Rip … Continue reading Rip Dat (Passero) Grip

Dagger Swagger

S&M is a rider-run enterprise, and we ride it all… rails, trails, flatland and park. Problem was, we didn’t really have a low-slung park frame in our arsenal for dudes like our Q.C. craftsman Tyler Halvorsen. Tyler is a great park rider, so when we took a stab at designing the Dagger, we solicited his input to dial ‘er in. Read … Continue reading Dagger Swagger