VIDEO RE-UP – Lunch Money: All In

This dropped a few months ago, but is very worthy of a RE-UP. Features our dudes Matt Nordstrom, Brandon Webster, Travis Hughes, and Jacob Cable. This is in a playlist with each day of the trip if you need to catch up. Enjoy! Source: VIDEO RE-UP – Lunch Money: All In FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestTumblremail

Travis Hughes / Welcome to Odyssey Pro

Travis doesn’t know it yet, but he just got bumped up to the Odyssey pro team. Congratulations dude! Like with most pro bumps, this was a pretty easy decision to make. Travis is so good at bikes, it can be pretty hard to comprehend sometimes. Also hard to comprehend is that Travis is still only … Continue reading Travis Hughes / Welcome to Odyssey Pro

Stampy Handlebar Test

As part of our mission to make the best BMX parts possible, we continue to refine the 41-Thermal® process at all stages of manufacturing. Each step in the process is held under strict scrutiny, and we continue to examine the strength and durability of all our parts. In our previous Stampy tests, we have blown … Continue reading Stampy Handlebar Test

Graduate Peg / Available Now

Our new 4.5″ plastic Graduate Pegs are available now. Fast sleeves and full 4130 core. Switch grinds brought to you by Broc Raiford. SPECS: 14mm with 3/8” adapter Replacement sleeves sold separately 4.5″ (length) x 1.5″ (outer diameter) Sold individually 4.5 oz (9 oz for a pair) Source: Graduate Peg / Available Now FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestTumblremail